A New Understanding

I heard a spiritual teacher/healer make a comment on how people aren’t practising meditation and mindfulness regularly to make a significant change in their lives.  In agreeing I realised that we were taught in school to learn.  When we had learnt something there was no need to practice it. When the mind has learnt something new, it stores it in the left hemisphere of the brain for future reference.  It can then retrieve the knowledge when asked for.  It has learnt it therefore it knows!  This has been the way we educated ourselves for centuries. But learning about energy is … Read More…

Self Responsibility

Sometimes when you attend a workshop, even though you have been attending them for years, something awakens inside you.  There is a new insight or way of understanding things.  This happened to me at Trevor Wie’s workshop at Jacaranda Haven the 1st weekend in April.   During the workshop Trevor said, “watch what you are thinking because it goes into the Earth.  It goes into the Earth’s memory banks and there it lies for someone to connect to.”  I felt these words enter my heart and the seriousness of that statement.  If stressed, angry, or even depressed, these emotions and thoughts/words … Read More…

How To Stop Your Thinking Easily


Many people have trouble in finding the 20 or 30 minutes each day to meditate.  If you are one of these, here is a tip that will keep you connected to your intuition and to your guides. Realising that it is only the constant chatter in your mind that keeps you disconnected, try giving your mind a deliberate focus and one of the easiest ones I know is to focus on your breathing. Stop whatever you are doing and stand or sit still.  Turn your attention onto your breathing.  Take an inward breath as you count up to 6, then … Read More…

Are You Sentencing Yourself?

angel in garden

I channelled Master Korton for one of my clients recently.  In listening back I found this piece very interesting. Master Korton said: “What is a sentence?  A judge passes a sentence and a man is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.  You speak sentences all day.  Are your sentences imprisoning yourself? “ Sentences create our reality.  Listen to what you are thinking and saying and see what sentences you are passing.  How many times do you say in a week “I can’t afford that…..I cannot do that……etc.,”