A New Practice

I was speaking to Karen Quant, (Boori Boori Labyrinth) yesterday and we were discussing the effects of the recent very high energy and she told me that she feels it will continue for the rest of the month.   If the energy is going to stay high, we must watch out for the amplification of our beliefs.  For instance if we have a belief that we have to work hard to get what we want, we don’t want to amplify that. So instead, here is a new practice for you. Upon waking up say:- I AM LOVE, I DESERVE LOVE, ALL MY … Read More…

A Realisation

Pegs on clothesline

I had just finished a phone reading for a client.  During the reading I had a remarkable understanding come to me.  I will endeavour to put it into words. I was sharing with my client a ‘present moment’ experience that I had when I was present hanging out the washing.  I told her that I heard a peg going into the cloth of the garment I was pegging.  I heard it clearly with no other thoughts going on in my head to separate me.  My realisation was now that I valued that moment.  It was precious to me.  Why?  I … Read More…

Shed Love & Light Everyday

Mother Mary is keeping close watch over us at this time.  Her latest message is:- You are here to shed Love and Light everyday in every situation.  To do this it requires you to release your attachment to how you feel and how you want your life to look.  Wow, that should keep us busy releasing thoughts.  I had better read my book again!

In Divine Order


Sometimes we find ourselves in a very painful situation.  It could be a physical illness, or an emotional situation.  The pain makes it extremely difficult to understand the reason or cause.  We feel we are a victim to what has happened to us. As the egoic mind is a global mind that we connect to at times thought patterns such as victim ones, floating on the ethers, lodge in our consciousness bringing with them resistance to whatever is. To heal yourself and help the world, firstly there must be harmony in body, mind and spirit. To create harmony, first let … Read More…

Helping With Anxiety

When feeling fearful or anxious, sit quietly and observe the feeling of anxiety and where it is in the body.  Allow it to be there, just observe it, just watch it.  Now breathe…breathe in and out again.  Try keeping your mind focused on the breath for the entire inhalation and exhalation.  This will stop the thoughts and quieten your mind.  Extend your focus to include your listening and listen to all the sounds around you…keep observing the feeling…keep breathing. Direct the mind to bring the Light from the Highest Heavens, down through your body to the feeling.  Let go any … Read More…

Nabiac Connections

Nabiac Talk

Once a month in 2016 I have been speaking at Earth, Body & Soul in Nabiac.  The group is growing and the connection to the Light and each other is getting stonger.  They have even created their own study circle on a Wednesday evening in foster centred aroun my book How To Move Forward – Leave Your Thoughts Behind. The next talk is on the 18th June entitled Abundance and Prosperity.  Limited tickets left.  go to Earth, Body & Soul Facebook.