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How To Move Forward,
Leave Your Thoughts Behind

By Rosemary Butterworth

How To Move Forward is more than a book to read!  It is for all those people who have struggled with negative thoughts and finding the happiness in their lives.  It is full of practicle tips and techniques to increase awareness showing you how thoughts and beliefs influence your world.  Practice these tips and today may be the first day of your new life.

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I set the alarm for 6.30am just to be able to read another chapter of your book.  It is great!  Thank you so much!  – Michelle

I just read Day One and I’m blown away.  Your book is so easy to read, it’s a blessing and so much truth.  Thank you so much.   – Cath

Simple and easy to read yet incredibly powerful and insightful.
“Rosemary, thank you for your wonderful book it is truly a blessing for me at this time in my life. Your book is a gift to humanity. No matter where you’re at with your spiritual journey, this is a “must have” handbook. Simple and easy to read yet incredibly powerful and insightful. Even thou I have read the entire book I now use it on a daily basis by opening a page for what I need that day to keep me connected and moving forward. You are a gifted spiritual teacher, compassionate and supportive. You have helped me tremendously on my journey and having you book by my side is like having you by my side talking to me directly, giving me hope regarding my current situation and keeping me connected. I believe you are Australia’s Louise Hay and I feel so blessed to have the honour to know you this life time. I just love and cherish your book and I recommend it to everyone.”
–  T.F. 

Beloved Sydney spiritual teacher and universal connector Rosemary Butterworth has written a truly inspirational book that serves as a textbook of happiness and wisdom that feeds all people starved for spiritual support. I work with Rosemary’s beautiful book every day, drawing strength from its wonderful stories and its always-perfect affirmations. “How To Move Forward” has changed my life, and it has become an old literary friend – one I turn to again and again, especially in moments of need.
Walter Mason

It is my privilege and pleasure to know and work with ROSEMARY BUTTERWORTH on Angel Heart Radio.  In HOW TO MOVE FORWARD Rosemary has written a practical guide for everyday living as well as a wonderful “good read” for us to enjoy from cover to cover Rosemary Butterworth has the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. She does this through her work at the Academy of Light in Sydney, through her private healings, via the airwaves on radio and now through her written word.  People are discovering that HOW TO MOVE FORWARD is enabling them to do just that! Rosemary shares her wisdom and experience and suggests actions which are simple and easily included in daily routines HOW TO MOVE FORWARD is a must for any personal library or book shelf.  HOW TO MOVE FORWARD is a resource U will reach for every day!
– Annette McCoy, Lyoness Premium Member, Angel Heart Radio Host

For those who have struggled with negative thoughts  and finding true happiness in their lives, “How to move Forward” is more than a  book to read. It is the first day of your new life and a Gracious Gift to  cherish and enjoy the rest of your natural life.
– Graham

I put my alarm on half an hour early every morning  now so that I can read “How to Move Forward” and practice stillness before my  day begins.
– Ann

I love it!!! I opened it up and found a chapter that  was just so important for me to read.
– Des

“The simple and yet powerful techniques introduced in Rosemary’s book showed me the joyful side of life. Despite of living under stress for many years, I started to feel much lighter and happier for no particular reasons after practicing these techniques for less than one week.
I am privileged and thankful for having the opportunity to meet Rosemary and be able to share with her wisdom that she has tirelessly been sharing with many others.”
–  Linda

Congratulations, tears of joy in my eyes for your knowledge and wonderful insights.
– Wendy Chapman.

Thanks so much for sharing your truth.
– Dianne Denton

CORRIGENDUM:  On page 32 line 12, ‘Devotional thoughtforms’ should read ‘Angry thoughtforms.’

The book launch at Foster was a great success. The library was a wonderful venue and many thanks to the volunteers (from FOGLLS) who came along and served refreshments. Publisher Ann Castle from Atlantis Books came up from Sydney, Annette McCoy from angelheart Radio flew up from Melbourne and Teresa Hills (from Sydney) was our official photographer. I really enjoyed the book signing as it gave me an opportunity to connect with so many people and it was so gratifying to be able to give messages of hope. Below you will find photos that express clearly that a fun time was had by all.

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