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Are you ready for some wonderful conversations on Michael’s Messenger about: Angels, ET’s, Meditation and Time, the Differences between Countries and Freedom of Thought, How To Get OUT Of Our Thoughts… just to mention a few!

I have been on my “path” for quite some time now.  Over the years I have collected some amazing information and written many stories.  I share these with you here along with information that I have channelled that you may find of interest to help make your journey easier and fuller.

A Channeling by Rosemary Butterworth

I AM Archangel Michael.

Be conscious of the vibration or frequency that you are in now. You can dial up the frequency with your thoughts. Each band of frequency contains different thought patterns, different topics. A topic is an energy vibration and will fit into the band of colours. Notice how the topic changes your mood for the body reacts energetically to the topic. So if the topic is one of concern, chemicals will be produced by the body and cause reactions in thoughts, moods and deeds. The idea is to become aware of the topic and what range of colours are involved. Are they earthly colours or heavenly colours or somewhere in between. Know where you live, what band of frequency you are living in. That becomes your world. 

I AM the Archangel Michael.

Note: A practical example.
The topic He is referring to could be worry about having enough money or fear of losing your job or a forthcoming war.  He is asking us to be conscious of not only our thoughts but the topic and then he says that they are energy and have a colour. So if the topic and thoughts are negative maybe the colour of our aura will be muddy and not clear. He calls them earthly colours or heavenly colours – if you cannot imagine or ‘see’ or ‘feel’ what colour is around you why not have a Kirlian photo taken and see what colours are around you. By spraying Soul Colour energy sprays you can change the colour easily and then notice how your thoughts change and see what you attract into your life.

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