Over the years I have had so many people share their experiences after having one on one sessions or reading my book.

I thought you might find them inspiring and so here they are!

The simple and yet powerful techniques introduced in Rosemary’s book showed me the joyful side of life. Despite of living under stress for many years, I started to feel much lighter and happier for no particular reasons after practicing these techniques for less than one week.
I am privileged and thankful for having the opportunity to meet Rosemary and be able to share with her wisdom that she has tirelessly been sharing with many others.  Linda

Simple and easy to read yet incredibly powerful and insightful.
Rosemary, thank you for your wonderful book it is truly a blessing for me at this time in my life. Your book is a gift to humanity. No matter where you’re at with your spiritual journey, this is a “must have” handbook. Simple and easy to read yet incredibly powerful and insightful. Even thou I have read the entire book I now use it on a daily basis by opening a page for what I need that day to keep me connected and moving forward. You are a gifted spiritual teacher, compassionate and supportive. You have helped me tremendously on my journey and having you book by my side is like having you by my side talking to me directly, giving me hope regarding my current situation and keeping me connected. I believe you are Australia’s Louise Hay and I feel so blessed to have the honour to know you this life time. I just love and cherish your book and I recommend it to everyone. … T.F. 

Beloved Sydney spiritual teacher and universal connector Rosemary Butterworth has written a truly inspirational book that serves as a textbook of happiness and wisdom that feeds all people starved for spiritual support. I work with Rosemary’s beautiful book every day, drawing strength from its wonderful stories and its always-perfect affirmations. “How To Move Forward” has changed my life, and it has become an old literary friend – one I turn to again and again, especially in moments of need. – Walter Mason



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