Enlightenment is only a thought away. Is your thinking filled with Joy and Happiness  (Light) or is it filled with stress, concerns and anxiety (Dark)?  Become aware of what you are thinking on a daily basis and ask yourself is my mind full of Light or Dark?  Remembering the Dark is simply an Absence of Light, use your mind to bring in a Shower of Light and fill every cell of your body with Light.  When the mind and the body is filled with Light, is it not enlightened? Message from Mother Mary

Nabiac Connections

Nabiac Talk

Once a month in 2016 I have been speaking at Earth, Body & Soul in Nabiac.  The group is growing and the connection to the Light and each other is getting stonger.  They have even created their own study circle on a Wednesday evening in foster centred aroun my book How To Move Forward – Leave Your Thoughts Behind. The next talk is on the 18th June entitled Abundance and Prosperity.  Limited tickets left.  go to Earth, Body & Soul Facebook.