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I am a facilitator of meditation.  The energy that comes through me during the meditation is not mine but comes from a higher source. Here on Michael’s Messenger I would like to give you some of the meditations that I have recorded. May you find peace, peace, peace.

Meditation is the doorway to your Godself.

Make it the most important thing you do in the day.  Do not try to fit the meditation into your day but rather fit your day into your meditation periods.  Remember the large cannot find satisfaction in the small.

It is difficult to meditate when the mind is racing, so take time to quiet the mind of the tumult that is going on in it.  Sit quietly, turn the attention to the breathing. Watch the   lungs fill with air and empty, watch the abdomen rise gently so you inhale deeply and exhale fully letting go all the stale tied air that you have locked in your lungs during the day.  Be still, stretch the spine and ‘star-hook’ with distant star, one that feels familiar to you.  Make sure that the head is sitting erect on the spine with no tension.

Connect the listening to your hearing.  Hear all the sounds around you without naming them. Let the listening run out to the furthest sound.  When you feel that the mind has become quiet go within and imagine you are listening to your heart.  Let your consciousness expand out of the framework of your body.  Remind your mid that you are not your body, nor your name or function, you are much larger.  Allow yourself to drift, flowing freely with the movement of your consciousness.  You might light to listen to a meditation tape, begin to repeat a mantra or practice a meditation that you have learnt.

I would like to quote Paramahansa Yogananda, author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ who said: If you are a god of peace immediately after meditation, only to change into a devil of inharmony at the slightest provocation, then your mediations are of little use.  In meditation you recollect your forgotten peace nature.  You must hold on to that peace and with it subdue your mortally acquired mental graftings of disquietude.”

Alpha Music Power of 12Leading up to 12.12.2012 John Levine of AlphaMusic asked me to lead a meditation introducing each one of his 12 Archangels.    Each Archangel’s introduction was to last for one minute.  John Levine geneously gifted this recording to the world.  Click here to hear the 12 Archangel Meditation.


International AlphaMusic SymosiumI was one of the presenters at the 2012 AlphaMusic Symposium and my meditation was recorded.  Here it is for your benefit.  Before you start ask your Higher Self a question you would like the answer to at the end of the recording.

The music that is in the back ground is AlphaMusic “Silence of Love” whch can be purchased from the Academy of Light or AlphaMusic.


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