Cleaning The Board

I was asked after an Academy of Light meeting by a worried gentleman, ‘How do I clear frightening past lives that seem to have taken hold for no matter what I had tried they seem to always be there.
I opened my mouth to speak and was very surprised at what came forth.  The following is what Spirit gave me.
Go into a meditation, in a quiet room.  Light a candle and call upon Archangel Michael to fill your room with Light, Guidance and Protection.
Shut you eyes and imagine that on one of your walls there is a blackboard.  Now imagine yourself going over to the board and write down a list of the past lives that have been troubling you.  Leave nothing out.
Stand back and look at the list.  Now ask Archangel Michael for his MAGIC ERASER.  Imagine Michael placing it in your hand and taking your time deliberately go back to the board and one by one with strength and determination wipe each past life from the board.
Hand the Magic Eraser back to Archangel Michael.
Now stand again and view the empty board.  It has been wiped clean.  No more past lives.  The are Gone Forever.
Thank Archangel Michael.
Sit for a few minutes allowing this realization to enter your body.  Your physical mind and body is free of them.  They no longer exist.
NOTE;  The past and future are both illusions because neither exist in the moment Now…….Rosemary

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