Enlightenment is only a thought away. Is your thinking filled with Joy and Happiness  (Light) or is it filled with stress, concerns and anxiety (Dark)?  Become aware of what you are thinking on a daily basis and ask yourself is my mind full of Light or Dark?  Remembering the Dark is simply an Absence of Light, use your mind to bring in a Shower of Light and fill every cell of your body with Light.  When the mind and the body is filled with Light, is it not enlightened? Message from Mother Mary

Helping With Anxiety

When feeling fearful or anxious, sit quietly and observe the feeling of anxiety and where it is in the body.  Allow it to be there, just observe it, just watch it.  Now breathe…breathe in and out again.  Try keeping your mind focused on the breath for the entire inhalation and exhalation.  This will stop the thoughts and quieten your mind.  Extend your focus to include your listening and listen to all the sounds around you…keep observing the feeling…keep breathing. Direct the mind to bring the Light from the Highest Heavens, down through your body to the feeling.  Let go any … Read More…

Everything Will Be Alright

sleep - restless

I am experiencing so many challenges at the moment and I was so uplifted to hear Nancy Valentine Smith talk at the Academy Of Light gathering recently where she said that many people are having challenges and there is good reason.  It is a major step to Ascension. The shadow in our DNA, in the cells of our body will challenge for survival.  After many years of work on ourselves, we have arrived at a place where our timeline (which may be hundreds of years long) must be cleared for us to ascend to the next level or dimension. One … Read More…