What are YOU adding to the world?

What are you thinking right now?  Are you adding anxiety, stress, frustration, overwhelm or anger.  The world has plenty of these emotions already.   What emotions are you feeling?  Is it overwhelm or simply thinking that you don’t like your life at the moment.  Hang on, you are the creator of it.  Nobody else did this even though you might like to blame someone for your present situation,  perhaps it is time you took responsibility for your creation.   Just look at your mind and notice what you are thinking right now, because with each thought, you are setting the stage for another chapter and more to the point, is this chapter making the world a better place to live. Not only you, but everyone has the power to make the world a better place NOW.   Realise in this moment you are adding to the world, whatever you are feeling and thinking.  So put a smile on your face to eliminate that frown.
Remember happiness and bliss are always there, it just gets buried underneath a lot of thoughts and emotions.   Happiness is infectious and what a lovely thing to catch.
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