We are in a 9 Year and at this time of completion, like many others, I have no idea what is going to happen next year, where I will be living – in Sydney or Jacaranda Haven.  Needless to say a host of questions keep going through my head. Master Kuthumi says:  Do not struggle with these questions but allow them to be arrows that pierce the veil of forgetfulness allowing a fountain of Knowledge to spring up out of the desert of a dry and thirsty mind.   

Do You Ask A Lot Of Questions?

Universal Connection

I recently came across an old channeling from Master Kuthumi.  Yet is as pertinent today as it was back in the 90’s. Master Kuthumi said to me, “You ask a lot of questions.  How can you possibly hear any of the answers with all that noise and confusion in the front of your head?  The answers are deep within you and can only rise to the surface when the mind is still.  Be still, and let the mind settle and be quiet.  Be in the NOW.  Everything is here NOW.  Re=establish your connection with the ALL“.

A Channelling from Lord Sananda

Be as great as you can be. Be bold. Go forth from here and teach/speak/write books. Hold the energy.  Support others.  You are supported. For you are Love and are Loved. Call upon us by name each day And that will bring forth that quality in you that you are now encoded with. Sunat Kumara           –   Love Palace Athena           –   Wisdom Ashtara                      –   Truth Dwal Khul                  –   Courage and Strength Archangel Michael    –   Protection Master Kuthumi       –   Knowledge Lady Nada                 –   Beauty El Moirya                   –   Joy Lord … Read More…