The Fabric Of The Mind


“The fabric of mind not only holds the Illusion but also can be made to reveal the Reality. It is to find the key that turns the switch – ‘Illusion’ or ‘Reality’. This is the beginning that helps to create a new beginning”……Master Kuthumi

Are You Sentencing Yourself?

angel in garden

I channelled Master Korton for one of my clients recently.  In listening back I found this piece very interesting. Master Korton said: “What is a sentence?  A judge passes a sentence and a man is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.  You speak sentences all day.  Are your sentences imprisoning yourself? “ Sentences create our reality.  Listen to what you are thinking and saying and see what sentences you are passing.  How many times do you say in a week “I can’t afford that…..I cannot do that……etc.,”