Nabiac Connections

Nabiac Talk

Once a month in 2016 I have been speaking at Earth, Body & Soul in Nabiac.  The group is growing and the connection to the Light and each other is getting stonger.  They have even created their own study circle on a Wednesday evening in foster centred aroun my book How To Move Forward – Leave Your Thoughts Behind. The next talk is on the 18th June entitled Abundance and Prosperity.  Limited tickets left.  go to Earth, Body & Soul Facebook.

Do You Ask A Lot Of Questions?

Universal Connection

I recently came across an old channeling from Master Kuthumi.  Yet is as pertinent today as it was back in the 90’s. Master Kuthumi said to me, “You ask a lot of questions.  How can you possibly hear any of the answers with all that noise and confusion in the front of your head?  The answers are deep within you and can only rise to the surface when the mind is still.  Be still, and let the mind settle and be quiet.  Be in the NOW.  Everything is here NOW.  Re=establish your connection with the ALL“.