Have You Heard The Call?

If, as Mother Mary says, the Light must outweigh the Dark in 2017, it is up to each one of us to make a choice.  If we were to unite, collectively, around the world, we would make a huge Light.  Enough to change the consciousness of the planet.  Our first thought would be for the good of everyone and everything in the Universe.   We can begin by taking our power back from what we have been thinking about all the years.  Our self, our small self, is usually the subject. What we want the world around us to look like … Read More…

In Divine Order


Sometimes we find ourselves in a very painful situation.  It could be a physical illness, or an emotional situation.  The pain makes it extremely difficult to understand the reason or cause.  We feel we are a victim to what has happened to us. As the egoic mind is a global mind that we connect to at times thought patterns such as victim ones, floating on the ethers, lodge in our consciousness bringing with them resistance to whatever is. To heal yourself and help the world, firstly there must be harmony in body, mind and spirit. To create harmony, first let … Read More…

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Reality

Buddha at JH by Terri -I Am Grateful

Gautama Buddha said, “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.” When you are feeling down, look at what you are thinking. Are the thoughts heavy or light and airy? Are the thoughts letting any sunshine into your mind or are there heavy clouds and maybe a thunderstorm is looming? THREE TIPS TO CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS Tell the mind you will think about this later. (Sometimes later never comes). Do Gratitude for small everyday things like having a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat, or a friendly … Read More…

Making Happy Couples – Well Worth Seeing!

It is great to see that they are using techniques such as gratitude and journaling to bring four unhappy couples to understand what has pulled them apart and how they can come back together again.  Thought provoking and gives deep insight into what makes a couple happy.See it on ABC tonight at 8.30-a series