Have You Heard The Call?

virgin-motherIf, as Mother Mary says, the Light must outweigh the Dark in 2017, it is up to each one of us to make a choice.  If we were to unite, collectively, around the world, we would make a huge Light.  Enough to change the consciousness of the planet.  Our first thought would be for the good of everyone and everything in the Universe.  
We can begin by taking our power back from what we have been thinking about all the years.  Our self, our small self, is usually the subject. What we want the world around us to look like also notice the resistance in our body to accept how our life is at this moment.  There is a fear that if accepted, life will always be like this.  Not at all.  Once we accept what is, then an amazing thing can happen.  Instead of using our Light and Energy to try and fix it the way we want it,  we often can see the thoughts that created it that way and then we can change them and this brings about a new reality.  
We must remember that where our thoughts go, our consciousness goes and it becomes divided.  Sometimes we are fractured into many parts and at the end of the day are exhausted.  Worry is not only a time consuming occupation,  it makes us powerless as do desires.  So take your power back from the thoughts by feeling your feet on the floor and becoming present.  Stay present and repeat an affirmation or do gratitude. Fill your mind with useful words that will give you more energy. 
Another thing to do is to join a like-minded group (or create one) and practice meditation or mindfulness together doing yoga or some sort of creativity such as sewing, art or gardening. 
It is time to be what you are…..A BEAUTIFUL BEING OF LIGHT. 

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