Enlightenment is only a thought away. Is your thinking filled with Joy and Happiness  (Light) or is it filled with stress, concerns and anxiety (Dark)?  Become aware of what you are thinking on a daily basis and ask yourself is my mind full of Light or Dark?  Remembering the Dark is simply an Absence of Light, use your mind to bring in a Shower of Light and fill every cell of your body with Light.  When the mind and the body is filled with Light, is it not enlightened? Message from Mother Mary

Christmas Is Special

Some 2000 years ago the Earth got an upgrade as a mass of Christ Consciousness was born into physicality.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  Thank you Mother Mary.  As there is no time or space just this present moment now, each Christmas we get a chance to link with this wonderful birth.  We get a chance to remember and acknowledge our own Divinity.  If we all did this, what a mass of Christ Consciousness there would be on Earth this Christmas Day…….Rose-of-Mary

Take Your Power Back

Another Message from Mary Take your power back from your thoughts.  Your thought only exists because you have given your consciousness to it.  Take it back and you will notice how much better, even younger you feel. I had the experience recently whilst driving that I was repeating a thought and realised it was draining my energy.  So I practised the exercise I had been given and on calling my power back I felt a wave of energy come back to me.  I felt energised and renewed and the thought was gone. Look at what you are thinking right now, and say: … Read More…

Shed Love & Light Everyday

Mother Mary is keeping close watch over us at this time.  Her latest message is:- You are here to shed Love and Light everyday in every situation.  To do this it requires you to release your attachment to how you feel and how you want your life to look.  Wow, that should keep us busy releasing thoughts.  I had better read my book again!

Increasing Our Light

We need to call our power back,  We are amazing beings of Light and imagine increasing the Power of our Light when we become whole.  Living so many lifetimes, experiencing so many challenges, we often leave part of ourself back in that time and maybe even in another dimension.  So Mother Mary gave me the understanding that now it is time to increase our Light by calling back to the here and Now, all of ourselves.    Each day, se send our consciousness to work, to home, to our children, whatever if fact, that the mind thinks of, our consciousness goes.  … Read More…

Have You Heard The Call?

If, as Mother Mary says, the Light must outweigh the Dark in 2017, it is up to each one of us to make a choice.  If we were to unite, collectively, around the world, we would make a huge Light.  Enough to change the consciousness of the planet.  Our first thought would be for the good of everyone and everything in the Universe.   We can begin by taking our power back from what we have been thinking about all the years.  Our self, our small self, is usually the subject. What we want the world around us to look like … Read More…