In Divine Order

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very painful situation.  It could be a physical illness, or an emotional situation.  The pain makes it extremely difficult to understand the reason or cause.  We feel we are a victim to what has happened to us.
As the egoic mind is a global mind that we connect to at times thought patterns such as victim ones, floating on the ethers, lodge in our consciousness bringing with them resistance to whatever is.
To heal yourself and help the world, firstly there must be harmony in body, mind and spirit. To create harmony, first let go resistance to what is in your life in this present moment – no matter what it is or how dreadful it feels, it has happened.  This is the first step to healing.  Once the resistance has cleared and your energy is back with you and not going into reinforcing the resistance, you are able to receive guidance as to how to move forward.  Somewhere further along your journey you will know the bigger picture.  That everything is in Divine Order.
I accept what is happening in my life and move forward with love and gratitude knowing that I have the power within me to heal my life.

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