How To Stop Your Thinking Easily

stopMany people have trouble in finding the 20 or 30 minutes each day to meditate.  If you are one of these, here is a tip that will keep you connected to your intuition and to your guides. Realising that it is only the constant chatter in your mind that keeps you disconnected, try giving your mind a deliberate focus and one of the easiest ones I know is to focus on your breathing.
Stop whatever you are doing and stand or sit still.  Turn your attention onto your breathing.  Take an inward breath as you count up to 6, then breathe out also to the count of 6.  This means for 12 seconds you have stopped thinking. This is enough time to establish yourself back in the present, and connect to your intuition.  If you do this 5 times consecutively you have meditated consciously for 1 minute and given yourself a chance to connect to your heart and soul.  Not only have you re-energised yourself because you have stopped the constant drain of energy from all those thoughts, you have taken your power back. 

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