Drink More Water

Did you know that often when people are thirsty, this gets mistaken as hunger? • Dehydration can contribute to slowing down one’s metabolism. • Daytime fatigue • Fuzzy, short term memory • Difficulty in focusing Water has proven itself to be a wonderful aid for many ailments. 8 – 10 glasses of water a day could significantly east back pain and joint pain


Use your feelings and emotions to tell you when you are attached. We can ask what are you attached to and what are you feeding or giving your priceless energy too. Here are some examples of thoughts that you may have that show you the need to release attachments. Am I attached to an outcome? Do I want life to look a certain way? If so, how much of my day do I spend thinking about this Am I attached to what it is I think I haven’t got? Am I attached to wanting people to like me? (Am I … Read More…