An Angel Meditation

angelstatueingarden2At the moment, the Angels are asking me to write this meditation:
“For all those whose lives are getting too hard to bear – upon rising each morning put aside a few minutes of the day to be with them.
Light a blue candle to connect with Archangel Michael’s blue Angels, green for Gabriel, yellow for Uriel and red for Raphael. (White is fine because it contains all colours).
Have beside the candle, a fresh flower (this helps to lift the vibrations of the room). Sit in front of your candle and ask Archangel Michael to fill the room with Light, creating a space of high energy – now call in your own representative of Divinity (Sai Baba, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Mother Mary, Yogananda etc.) and open your heart. See it as a mini sun. First, send beams of Light from your heart to the organs of your body so that they know that they are not alone, but they are loved and supported, then think of something or someone you want to send Love to. Include here Mother Earth. Now ask the Angels that have been guiding you, to come closer and feel their connection with you. Let go to your attachment to your thinking, and focus you attention on your own consciousness and expand it to fill the whole room. Feel the energy of love around you. Don’t try too hard to see your Angels, just know that they are there. Acknowledge them softly; welcome them into your life and tell them that you are open to their guidance.
Sit quietly for a few minutes and listen, breathing gently and rhythmically, breathing in through the nostrils the breath of God and breathing out with each breath, all your tension and worries.
Finish by sending Love to the planet and all beings everywhere and by acknowledging who you are – a beautiful Lightbeing and then you may like to ask that the day be spent in activities that are for the good of All.
Thank the Angels and fill your heart with Gratitude.
I work with Archangel Michael and He is at this moment, sending His Blessing of Light to you. Victory to that Light!
Michael’s Messenger.
P.S. One day a lady who wanted to come to my weekend workshop complained that she couldn’t possibly come because she lived on 5 acres and she had to mow it because there was not one to help – and it took a long time. My reply was to ask the Angels for help. She did. The day before the workshop she was visited by a carload of relations unexpectedly who were delighted that they could have a turn of her band new rid-on mower and she came to my workshop.

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