Talking with ghosts – Part 2

Concentric Circle with arrow copyI don’t know whether all psychics see those who have crossed over or not but when I started to ‘see’ ghosts, it took me by surprise. I learnt that they chose me to pass on their messages and not the other way around. I couldn’t call anyone at will. So it was in situations that I would least expect when ‘someone’ appeared.

Like the time when I was working in my brother’s perfumery/cosmetics shop, serving a lady about 60. The lady had come in with her daughter and we were discussing what cosmetics would best suit her when I looked up I noticed that an young man, about 30 suddenly appeared beside her.

For a moment they appear solid then they become transparent and so of course, I realize that they are from ‘the other side’. What I knew in an instant was that he was her son and that he had died and wanted to give me a message for her.

But can you imagine my confusion and it is nearly always like this. Here we are discussing what face cream to use for a more mature skin and then I am supposed to say to her, “Your son is here and he has a message for you”. How are earth does one go from talking about face creams to ‘have you lost your son’ when you have never seen the person before in your life.

I remember standing there non-plussed wondering what I should do. I gradually gathered my wits about me and excused myself and took the daughter aside. She was lovely and didn’t think I was crazy when I told her I was a medium and she informed me that her brother had committed suicide. Then I went back to the mother and told her that her son was here and the proof he was giving me was that he had left a note on a purple board in the room. (They will always give me something to identify themselves with, something I couldn’t possibly know).

His message was one of Love, telling her he was so sorry for all the pain he had caused her.

I was out shopping somewhere about a year later when the daughter recognized me. She came up to me and thanked me and said how the message had helped her mother.


As I work as a Spiritual Healer and Life Coach, people come to me with emotional pain as well as physical, so when another lady came and said she needed help as she had lost her son, I wasn’t quite so surprised when he appeared in the room, only I didn’t know he had committed suicide.

This time his calling card was a hound’s-tooth- checkered cap which he kept ‘doffing’.

As she wasn’t aware I was a medium I had to think of a way to tell her he was with us.

So I asked her if he ever wore a cap to which she replied “Oh, Yes, and he kept doffing it.”

His message to her was quite lovely.

He said, “You know I always teased you about believing in Angels, well, the laugh is on me because I now have a job working in an Angel’s garden, working with beautiful blue flowers, in the blue section”.


Now another happening I would love to share with you. This story was my greatest learning on many levels. It all came from an 8 year old child who had crossed over.

I cannot imagine the pain that you feel when you lose a child. One mother said her chest felt like it had a big black hole in it where her heart had been. So when a mother rang me to see if I could connect to her 8 year old little girl I said I would try. Apparently the child wanted to give me a message but I feel that the message was for me personally and not for the mother as unfortunately it didn’t bring any comfort to the mother at the time. When the mother had initially phoned me, I ‘saw’ her child buried next to a friend which the mother confirmed. This gave the mother some hope that I could contact her daughter, so she decided to come and see me.

The mother needed to know that her daughter was well and happy in heaven. But in the session I found out that she had gone straight to the 12th dimension and was a pure thought form. How could I tell her mother that? She had not even heard of dimensions and had no knowledge of spiritual terms. So I tried to put it in terms that she would understand and that her daughter was a source of inspiration, but it brought no comfort to her. I send love to the mother every time I think of her and hope that one day she will understand.

While I was explaining it as best as I could to the mother, she kept saying, “I know that”. At first I thought that she must be hearing her too but then she said that while her daughter was in hospital dying she told her, but it didn’t make much sense to her. So…..the wonderful message seemed to be for me.

The message was exciting as it brought new understanding of how creation works. I will do my best to explain what the little girl told me.

Let us call the little girl Teresa and this is what she taught me.

Teresa was born at 3.41am and she died at 3.41am exactly. Teresa had Leukemia and the doctors had pronounced she was now in remission and at best, cured. This was exactly three weeks before she died. In those 3 weeks, a tumor had grown on her spine which finally killed her.

She told me that she had to die at exactly at 3.41am or she couldn’t get ‘home’ for that is when all the doorways lined up and she could go straight through to the 12th dimension – otherwise she would get stuck in the dimension where the door was shut. She didn’t tell me the consequences of that but I imagined that she would have to live lifetimes going through the dimensions once again.

She drew the following diagram (which I showed the mother and her mother told me it was the same as she drew in hospital but that she didn’t understand it).

She explained the diagram like this. Imagine a diagram with 6 concentric circles beginning with a small circle in the centre and getting larger as they move out. On each circle there is a small dot representing a ‘doorway’.

Each circle represents a dimension. Each dimension ‘spins’ at a different rate and only has one doorway through to the next dimension. As they are spinning at a different rate it is very rare for all the doorways to be in line in one lifetime.

At 3.41 all the doorways were aligned to the 12th dimension. It was the crystalline world where beings existed as pure thought forms. They were not physical. She had come down to earth to see what thought-forms the earth needed during the earth changes and now would take the information back to her world and direct the patterns of pure thought or consciousness to the earth to assist her.

It was wonderful to think that she got back to the 12th dimension and was beaming pure thoughts that would help us all at this time.

I learnt so much from her and I thank the mother for bringing her to me. I hope that time has brought her comfort and relief from her grief and that one day she realizes what a beautiful being she gave birth to and how wonderful for the earth that she was able to go back home.

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