Wisdom from the Other Side

My friend, Anna, who had died with breast cancer came through several months after her death and corrected me, as I had always said that it was the angry thoughts that fed cancer but she said: “Rosemary, it is not the thoughts or words, that create cancer, it is the sound of the words in your body.” Thank you Anna for this new important understanding.  Of course, it is a creation of sound. 

Amazing Truths From The Other Side

Claire (not her real name) had been coming to see me professionally for about 20 years and during that time we had become firm friends.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to embrace a person’s journey – to see them get married and have children – to watch them grow spiritually. My work with Claire was to help her realise that her mind loved dramas and above all else to notice what her mind was repeatedly telling her and not to believe it at all.  The theory was that it was the left side of her brain – … Read More…