Practising Being Present

FocusI had been practising “being present”, quite intensively and seriously.  It required full focus on whatever you were doing with expanded awareness.  It was not concentration to the exclusion of everything else – it was rather attention fixed on the subject while the mind was aware of all that was going on around you.
The practise soon showed me that my mind never stayed with the work in hand but rather danced off in another direction.  So while my body was performing one task, I noticed that the thoughts going on in my head were about something quite different.  Further observation showed me that the thoughts would be about the past (an event that had happened) or the future (usually an expectation of something to happened and what that event would be like and my reactions to the ‘probable’ event), I realised that for a good part of the day I was ‘living’ my perspective of the past or future.  Very, very rarely was I in the Now with Mind and Body fully connected.  I realised at a later date this situation made it impossible to feel connected to your intuition or your God/Higher Self.
So whenever memory served me well, reminding me to practice, I did.
It was during such a time, I remember filling up a bucket of water at a tap outside the house.  I watched as the hand turned on the water and the water flowed into the bucket.  My focus stayed steady and as I watched the water rise in the bucket a wondrous thing happened.  All of a sudden I noticed I could see ‘out the back of my head’.  I had 360 degree vision.  The fence and garden behind me could be seen equally clearly as the water that was rising in the bucket.
I continued to watch, just watch.  As I did this, two tall gum trees which were over near the fence, started to dissolve right before my eyes from the top down.  The scene of the back garden became as a water-colour painting and it looked like someone was dropping water on the ‘scene’ and washing it away.  The whole view before my eyes was changing into white light. Understanding rose from deep within me that all was Light and that the trees and all that I had been viewing was condensed light or light vibrating at different frequencies.
As this understanding flooded my body my vision returned to normal  with my focus being lost to a hoard of thoughts that quickly ran through my mind.
Such an experience has never repeated itself.  Perhaps our ‘lessons’ don’t need to be repeated when it is understood.

Much love and deep gratitude,


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