Practice Is The Key

PoinsettiaFrom childhood we have been trained that knowledge is to be found in books. One only has to read something, memorize it and then one knows it.
If I gave you papers/books to read all about oranges, would you know what it actually tasted like? Would you know what it was like to eat one? Would your body get the benefit of the vitamin C? Book learning can teach you facts, but wisdom is only gained through experience.
As a meditation teacher, counsellor, and author of How to Move Forward – Leave Your Thoughts Behind, I have come to realise that when people tell me that they have read my book, they haven’t necessarily practised the exercises.
In my private sessions, I may quote such teachers as Caroline Myss or Gregg Braden and the reply is: I know that but here I am counselling them because they haven’t put into practise what they read. It has stayed as intellectual knowledge and that doesn’t release old thought patterns or negative emotions one little bit.
I was reminded of this today as I read Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Sha repeatedly says in his book and I quote:
“When I ask you to stop reading and practice for ten minutes, I cannot emphasise enough that you need to practice. That is the key for self-healing, practice.”
So if you feel a little stuck, confused and don’t know what to do, pick up my book, read the first chapter and stop and then spend 10 minutes practicing noticing and awareness. Believe me your whole life WILL change.

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